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Demonstrating a mature and aware coaching mindset is critical to successfully applying for the Scrum Alliance® Certified Team Coach℠ (CTC) and Certified Enterprise Coach℠ (CEC) credentials. Inability to demonstrate this mindset is a leading cause of unsuccessful applications. Our mentoring program focuses on developing your mindset and surfacing who you are as a coach while working through the learning objectives from Part II of the CTC or CEC application. Through our mentoring, you will grow deeper in your coaching, speed up your CTC or CEC application process and unleash your coaching superpowers. Brand new CSP's welcome too! We'll help you get on the right track to apply for your CTC or CEC as soon as you're eligible.

What is a coaching mindset?

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Our program consists of small group mentoring guided by Scrum Alliance® Certified Coaches. Join from anywhere in the world as each session is held over videoconference. Participants have access to an online discussion forum where they can interact with our coaches and each other as they progress through the program.

Each session consists of:

  • lessons on Agile coaching

  • a study of real-life coaching scenarios

  • a discussion of questions from the CTC or CEC application


Our mentoring program consists of 8 weekly sessions, one-hour each. Participants who complete activities and application questions in between sessions experience greater growth in their coaching.
Total cost for the program is 899 CAD.


NOTE: Jul 28, Aug 4 and Sep 1, Oct 6, Nov 10 and Dec 22 are designated as break weeks.



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