Superheroes Academy Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Superheroes Academy! And thank you for choosing us. We look forward to helping you “Unleash Your Agile Superpowers!”



We provide coaching, training, mentoring and facilitation services in-person and online (“Services”). During the course of our work we are required to collect information about our clients that is relevant to the Services we provide. This document describes the terms of use of our Services and what information we collect, how long we retain that information, the conditions under which we share information, and your rights relative to your information.

By using our Services you agree to these terms. Please read them carefully.


Terms of Use

The Superheroes Academy and its coaches will not be responsible for lost profits, revenues, or data, financial losses or indirect, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages.

In all cases, Superheroes Academy, and its coaches, suppliers and distributors, will not be liable for any loss or damage that is not reasonably foreseeable.


Choice of Law

This Policy will be interpreted under and governed by the laws of the Province of Alberta. By using our Services, you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Alberta.


Why Superheroes Academy collects information

We collect information from our clients for the purpose of:

  • ongoing communication with our clients

  • registering our clients for certifications through the Scrum Alliance

  • effectively providing our coaching, training, mentoring, and/or facilitation services, which includes (but is not limited to) conversations via email and online collaboration tools (ie. Slack), the temporary publishing online of videos from our programs and the mailing of graduation packages to clients using our Services


Data collected by Superheroes Academy

In our role providing coaching, training, mentoring and facilitation services in-person and online we collect the following information about our clients:

  • organization name

  • name, email address and physical address (if provided) of the contact person or client using our Services

  • conversations conducted via online collaboration tools

  • video recordings of online programs

  • feedback and testimonials about our Services

All video recordings of our online programs are restricted to Superheroes Academy coaches and participants in that particular cohort. Video recordings are retained and remain accessible online for a period of two months from the end date of the program. Superheroes Academy deletes all recordings after that time, unless prior written consent has been obtained by Superheroes Academy from all clients involved.

All conversations conducted via online collaboration tools for a particular cohort are private to that group and are deleted two months from the end date of the program. Any conversations conducted in one of our public forums may continue to be accessible.



In order to provide our Services to you, Superheroes Academy regularly works with the following partners:


Sharing your information

We do not share your personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside of Superheroes Academy except in the following situations:

For certifications:

We share your name and email address with the Scrum Alliance for the purposes of registering you for a certification earned through one of our programs.

With your consent:

We may share your name and email address with another training or coaching provider at your request or with your permission. For example, when referring you to another training or coaching provider who offers a service that may be of interest to you.


Your information

The information we collect about you, our client, through the normal course of business is still your information. As such, you have the right to: request a copy of your information, request that your information be updated for accuracy, request that we no longer collect information from you, and request that we no longer retain your information. Please contact us at with any of these requests. Please note: we are unable to provide, update or remove data that has been shared with the Scrum Alliance. Please contact the Scrum Alliance directly regarding any personal information that they may retain as a result of certification registrations by Superheroes Academy.

Client Obligations

You are expected to uphold the terms of this privacy policy, even as it applies to your actions. You agree to in no way make private conversations or recordings available publicly or to any persons outside of the cohort in which our Services were provided. This includes (but is not limited to) Slack conversations in private channels or other private instant/text messages, email communications intended for a specific audience and video or audio recordings of training and coaching sessions or workshops.


Compliance and Cooperation with Regulators

We regularly review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and make every effort to process your information in ways that comply with this policy.


Effective May 25, 2018

Updated July 10, 2019