Convince your employer

Thank you for your interest in attending the Superheroes Academy A-CSM certification program. Below is a letter template you can use to help to describe the benefits of participating in our program. Simply copy and paste the document into an email or word document and fill in the highlighted portions.  This will outline the value that attending our program provides not just to you as a ScrumMaster, but to your entire organization.


Subject: Request to attend the Superheroes Academy Advanced Certified ScrumMaster program starting [start date of program]


Dear [Decision Maker Name],


The Scrum Alliance recently announced a new Path to CSP offering designed to more fully develop ScrumMasters with additional touch points on the way to their CSP certification. The next step in this progression for me is in becoming an Advanced – Certified ScrumMaster.


The Superheroes Academy will be starting a small group coaching program on [start date of program], which culminates in this certification . I’ll have the opportunity to learn from other ScrumMasters from across the globe, practice advanced ScrumMaster skills in session and on the job and learn new ways to foster high performance in the teams I work with everyday.



I chose this program because I believe it will allow me to become a better ScrumMaster than other methods of training. The course is delivered through online coaching, meaning that I'll be asked powerful questions, have deep conversations and work closely with Scrum Alliance certified coaches until I understand the material. I'll have access to an online discussion forum where I can interact with other ScrumMasters and the Superheroes Academy coaches as we progress through the program. We’ll meet weekly over videoconference on Saturdays so I won’t miss time at work or incur travel expenses in order to participate.



The A-CSM coaching program consists of ten weekly sessions of 90 minutes each. Each week, I will also complete between one and three hours of offline work intended to deepen my knowledge and gain real world experience of the concepts discussed during the sessions. The total cost for the program is [cost] and discounts are available if we can get a group of three or more to participate.

After completing the program, I will compile a short presentation covering the topics we discussed, lessons learned from applying the knowledge gained at work, and new ideas that will benefit our team.

Groups are kept small and registration may close soon, so I appreciate a quick response. Thank you for your consideration.


[Add standard sign off]